Commitment to Biblical Standards

In an effort to clarify our position on the question of whether or not persons who advocate or engage in homosexual conduct or an altered gender identity may lead our programs, the following statement is provided.

The Assemblies of God affirms its commitment to the Biblical standard of sexual morality - namely fidelity within marriage and chastity outside of it - as well as gender identity, as established by God at the time of creation: "When God created mankind, he made them in the likeness of God. He created them male and female and blessed them. And he named them ‘Mankind' when they were created." (Genesis 5:1-2, NIV).

As a ministry of the Assemblies of God, the Royal Rangers program seeks to instill these Biblical standards in the boys and young men who participate in our programs. Because of the influence adults exercise on children and youth, Royal Rangers expects the adult leaders of our programs both to teach these Biblical standards and to model them in their own lives. Therefore, Royal Rangers prohibits persons who deny these Biblical standards in word or deed from leading our programs. This prohibition encompasses the advocacy and/or practice of both sinful heterosexual conduct and homosexual conduct, as well as the practice of transgender or altered gender identity.

We affirm that gender is established by our Creator in the womb prior to birth and is not subject to personal choice or change. We believe that each individual is divinely and uniquely created by God for His great purposes, and we encourage all people to embrace the gender of their birth and pursue the full life God created them to enjoy.

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