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The Advancement System

The advancement system represents one of the seven methods used in Royal Rangers to achieve the mission & purpose of the program. Advancement is the process by which boys progress from one advancement step to the next.  As boys grow through thier involvement in rangers they will encounter many opportunites for advancement.  Each age group in Royal Rangers provides an advancement trail that is both challenging and rewarding to boys.

Each age group in Royal Rangers utilizes its own unique advancement trail designed to meet the specific needs and interests of boys in that age group.  Boys complete advancement steps by earning a specified number of merits and/or completing other requirements.  Merits form the core of the Discovery, Adventure, and Expedition Rangers advancement systems.  Details on the advancement systems of each age group can be found by clicking on the group logos below.

Each boy completes advancement steps and is awarded the cooresponding award insignia for the age group he is currently in.  In addition, he may also complete steps for the group immediately preceding his own.  This allowance enables a boy to complete the advancements from his previous group once he has graduated to the next.

Click on the group logos below to learn more about the advancement opportunities in each Royal Rangers group.

Ranger Kids

Discovery Rangers

Adventure Rangers

Expedition Rangers

 Ranger Kids
Grades K - 2
 Discovery Rangers
Grades 3 - 5
 Adventure Rangers
Grades 6 - 8
 Expedition Rangers
Grades 9 - 12

The following pages provide addinal information concerning Royal Rangers advancement:

  • Gold Medal of Acheivement (GMA) - this award represents the highest accomplishment in Royal Rangers.
  • Streamlined Awards Application Process - individual award applications are no longer required for all annual advancement awards
  • 2016 Advancement System Changes - provides details on the changes to the role of the GMA released in 2016
  • Merit Index - this page serves as the central hub from which all merit requirements can be accessed
  • Merit Status Definitions - this page provides information on the status categoires of merits
  • Buffalo Awards - available to boys who have earned the highest award in thier age group and are eager to do more!
  • Advancement Award Applications - all applications for restricted boy's awards can be found here
  • Award Recipient Lists - provides lists of all recipients of restricted advancement awards
  • Bible Reading Plans - Personal devotionals and regular Bible reading serve as essential parts of any Christian’s spiritual development.  Royal Rangers are encouraged to select a Bible reading program that best suits their needs and follow it faithfully.  Here are some options to get you started.
  • New Member Requirements - New boys joining Royal Rangers should complete the New Member Requirements for their group before earning the first step of their advancement system.
  • Advancement Restrictions - Although the Royal Rangers advancement system provides for a great deal of flexibility, some limitations apply in relation to the manner in which advancement awards may be earned or merits applied.
  • Boy Scouts (BSA) Transition Plan - For boys who choose to transition from Boys Scouts into Royal Rangers, this plan provides all the details.
  • Assisting Boys with Special Needs - Information on providing special assistance to boys with special needs to enable them to complete their advancement trail.
  • 2010 Advancement System Changes - visit this page for information on the changes made to the Royal Rangers advancement system in 2010
  • 2010 Program Updates - provides information concerning changes made to the Royal Rangers program in addition to advancement system changes