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Outpost Promotion Kit

Charter Benefit

The Outpost Promotion Kit is a special tool provided to all chartered outposts to assist them in promoting the Royal Rangers program in their local area. Kit components include professionally designed promotional items such as videos, banners, posters, and flyers. Each item allows space for customization with your own unique message and logos, as well as photos. Permission is granted to chartered outpost to print these items in their local area as needed.  Print services are also available through Gospel Publishing House (contact us for details).


Upon completion of the onlne chartering process you will receive a confirmation e-mail that includes a link to the promo kit contents online.  Instructions for accessing the various files are provided on the downloads page.

Your Feedback is Needed!

One of the primary goals of the national Royal Rangers office is to equip and resource our churches and outposts for success in evangelizing boys for Christ.  The purpose of this promo kit is to assist outposts in promoting the ministry of Royal Rangers in their communities while presenting a sharp, professional image both within the church and throughout the community.  But in order to insure this resource meets your needs, we need your feedback.  Please take a moment to complete our online survey to give us your feedback, telling us how this kit has been beneficial to you, and how it could be improved.  Your thoughtful evaluation of this kit will be a great help in insuring that the next promo kit is even more valuable to outposts such as yours.  Thank you for making this project an ongoing success!



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