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Photocopying Curriculum

The legal rights associated with the practice of photocopying Royal Rangers curriculum for local group use is often misunderstood or misapplied.  All Royal Rangers curriculum is covered under copyright protection through Gospel Publishing House, the official publisher for Royal Rangers.  However, in some instances, photocopying these materials is legally acceptable.  The following information has therefore been provided to serve as a guide on this subject for the benefit of local Royal Rangers groups.

Current copyright law allows a user to copy up to 10% (or 1000 words whichever is less) of a copyrighted work for instructional purposes.  For Royal Rangers workbooks, this could be 15 to 50 pages depending on the size of the workbook being copied.  Therefore, if only a limited number of pages are being copied to replace pages lost or used by another boy, such a practice would be acceptable.  But if the workbook is missing more than 10% of its original content it should be replaced by a new workbook.

Regardless of the number of pages being copied, ranger leaders should always strive to adhere to the high ethical standards that form the core of the Royal Rangers program.  Leaders should therefore always work to minimize the number of pages they copy in order to stay well clear of potential copyright infringement.

For additional information concerning copyrights and trademarks please contact the GPH Rights & Permissions department.