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Spirit Challenges & Alternatives

Spirit Challenges are group Bible study lessons used in Expedition Rangers.  Completion of designated numbers of Spirit Challenges are required for each advancement medal in Expedition Rangers.  Recognition for completing Spirit Challenges is provided by a series of Spirit Challenge patches, each with a unique colored border.



Spirit Challenge lessons can be found in the Expedition Rangers track of TRaCcLub.  Artwork for each patch can be found in the Leaders track.

Spirit Challenge Alternatives

Spirit Challenge Alternatives are alternative resources selected by the local leader that meet certain criteria for use in Expedition Rangers.  Alternatives enable Expedition Rangers leaders to find and use resources he believes are well suited for use with his specific group, while enabling the boys in his group to receive Spirit Challenge credit for the lessons drawn from them. 

Here’s how the process works:

  1. The Expedition Rangers leader identifies a resource he believes may be valuable in addressing the spiritual needs and development of the guys in his group.
  2. He then evaluates the resource based on a set of recommended criteria defined by the national Royal Rangers office and decides whether or not the resource should be used.
  3. The leader then seeks the approval of his Pastor to use the material for disciplieship purposes in his group.
  4. The leader then uses the resource as the basis for a series of group Bible studies, with the leader determining the schedule, pace, and depth of content.
  5. Each boy who attends and participates in the weekly studies will receive a Spirit Challenge credit for each study he participated in. 

Selection of the resource and number of lessons involved is left up to the local leader (with the approval of his Pastor).  No review or approvals from the national or district leadership is necessary.  This process allows the local leader to focus on the issues he feels are most relevant to his boys, while utilizing the latest resources available to him from whatever sources he chooses to use. 

Recommended Criteria for Alternative Resources

Whenever possible, look for teen guy-specific resources.  Books and study courses specifically written for teen guys are usually better suited for addressing the special issues teen guys face.

Look for resources that focus on spiritual development and discipleship.  Remember – the purpose of the Spirit Challenge is to promote the spiritual growth and maturity of guys.  Look for resources that were specifically written for use in a small group Bible study setting.

Keep it interactive & avoid the “one man show”.  The Spirit Challenge lessons in TRaCclub were specifically written to serve as the basis for a group discussion, not a leader lecture.  Any alternative resources you choose to use should be well suited for a group discussion format, or capable of adaptation with minimal effort.

Consult with your Youth Pastor or Senior/Lead Pastor to get their input on any resources you are considering.  They may be aware of or have access to resources you are not aware of and could provide valuable feedback.  It is also important to keep them informed of any new resources you may be using.  Your pastoral leadership bears the ultimate responsibility for the materials being taught in all ministries of your church and should always be kept informed when using resources from unfamiliar sources.  All resources should be approved by your Pastor prior to use.