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2010-2012 Program Updates

Mentoring Future Men: Simple, Flexible & Effective.  Royal Rangers will influence more boys and young men than ever, more effectively than ever!


In 2010 the national Royal Rangers office released significant improvements to the ministry. These changes were made to create greater flexibility for a growing number of churches looking for cross-generational discipleship ministries that could be custom fit to the unique needs of each church and community. The updates can be classified into the following general categories.

Mission & Focus

The most fundamental update is a renewed focus on the original purposes of the ministry. Since 1962, Royal Rangers has successfully pursued a mission to "reach, teach, and keep boys for Christ." This clearly defined our core objectives of evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development.  Since our founding, camping and outdoor skills have been used to accomplish our mission. So much so that Royal Rangers became more closely identified with our methods than with our mission.  Mission and methods are valuable. But our mission is far more important than our methods. With a decline in interest in many boys and young men in camping, a broader activity-base is now called for so churches can influence a greater number and a more diverse group of boys and young men. Today, our activities include:

  • Outdoor Skills
  • Sports
  • Trades
  • Technologies
  • Arts

The purpose of these is to establish mentoring relationships because men and boys develop friendships and much needed confidence by doing things together side-by-side. Relationships enable men to accomplish mission.  Our mission statement has been rewritten to renew our original purpose and to compliment the other ministries of the local church: “Evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders.”  Our aim is to be the premier, most sought after church ministry for next generation men, known more for our mission than our methods—Royal Rangers: mentoring future men.

For more information on recent changes to the Royal Rangers ministry and the future direction of Royal Rangers, view these resources:

Leadership Titles

For nearly five decades, Royal Rangers has used the title of "Commander" to identify our leaders at all levels. Local leaders were referred to as Commanders, Lt. Commanders, and the like.  In an effort to make the local outpost better reflect the vision of its pastoral leadership, churches may choose to use either the title Commander or Group Leader. Regardless of the title used, it should identify leaders as highly relational mentors who cooperate with other ministries of the church.

Additional information concerning leadership titles in Royal Rangers can be found in the following resources:


Churches care deeply about the image they reflect to the community. Through the years the appeal of a single, traditional style uniform lost its appeal. In order to attract new boys, to create a sense of personal belonging, and to be more affordable, the national office now offers three official uniform choices instead of one.  Each choice provides unique benefits and enables churches to outfit their leaders and boys in a uniform that's just right for them.  Today’s choices are:

  • Utility Uniform: The official utility shirt is comfortable, durable, and affordable and is suitable for active wear. (Available for all age groups, grades K-12, and adults.)
  • Special Uniform: T-shirts, polos, or sports jerseys; no pins or patches are worn making it a low-cost option. (Available for all age groups, grades K-12, and adults.)
  • Dress Uniform: Sharp and defined, a uniform ideal for formal wear. (Available for teen boys and adult leaders only.)

A transition deadline of July 31, 2011 has been set for all boys and leaders to transition to the new uniform standards.  Please refer to our Patch & Pin Placement Guide for details.  Additional information concerning uniforms can be found in the following resources:

Advancement System

To provide churches a mentoring process beyond the camping scope, the 2010 advancement system uses the five competencies now embraced by the ministry—outdoor skills, sports, trades, technologies, and arts. This allows for a greater participation of men than ever and allows the church to draw a greater number of more diverse boys. The advancement system also places strong emphasis on the new junior/student leadership development process.

Royal Rangers continues to use hands-on, interactive merits to facilitate the mentoring relationship between men and boys.  We use three categories of merits:

  • Skill merits provide the side-by-side activities that draw men and boys together to build the personal confidence of boys and young men. Topics cover hand, heart, and head skills.
  • Bible merits resource men to model and to inspire boys and young men to take a journey in Christlike manhood together with them. Topics cover principles of biblical sexuality and relationships, doctrine, culture, current events, and godly manhood.  
  • Leadership merits teach boys and young men the attitudes and habits of servant leadership. Topics cover social, equipping, attitude, leadership, and service skills.

The number and type of merits required for advancement allows for maximum flexibility, enabling outposts to select merits that best suit the unique needs and interests of their boys and young men.

Additional information concerning the Royal Rangers advancement system can be found in the following resources:


Royal Rangers mentoring resources are now online!  TRaCclub stands for, “The Rangers Curriculum club.” TRaCclub membership grants access to one or more of the five available tracks—one for each age group and one for leaders—and will allow adult leaders to receive the most up-to-date resources to plan meetings and activities (including the new brown Bible merits, leadership merits, junior leadership foundations, and more).
TRaCclub lowers costs by reducing the need to buy workbooks for each boy and young man and by eliminating the need to purchase updated Leader’s Guides and Merit References every few years. Access and print these resources anywhere from the web as needed.  NOTE:  The Leader Manual and the boys’ handbooks will remain print items for easy use at meetings and activities.

Additional information concerning the Royal Rangers curriculum can be found in the following resources:

Leadership Development

The national Royal Rangers office has introduced a streamlined process to mobilize, inspire, and resource mentors. The purpose for updating the leadership training process was to reflect the renewed focus on our original mission and purposes of the ministry and to reflect the added competencies to include camping, sports, trades, technologies, and arts.  In the outpost leaders training track, adult leaders complete a four-step training process—ready, safety, trained, and advanced—based on a new dynamic and interactive training model.

  • They are challenged spiritually and equipped to evangelize and disciple boys and young men.
  • They are shown how to offer a diverse program of activities—including outdoor skills, sports, trades, technologies, and arts—to develop relationships and mentor future men.
  • They are inspired to work cross-functionally with other ministries of the church.
  • They are taught to develop junior leaders so that Royal Rangers is a boy-led, adult-facilitated ministry.

Additional information concerning leadership development can be found in the following resources:

Affordable & Practical

Royal Rangers is practical and affordable so that every family and church can participate. With the basic resources—handbook, logbook, and the uniform option of the outpost’s choice (see above)—boys can begin their journey. Leaders need the Leader Manual, the boy’s handbook of the group they lead, membership in the group track of TRaCclub they lead, and the uniform option of outpost’s choice. Chartering your outpost each year with the national Royal Rangers office also entitles you to a 15% discount on Ranger gear and select district and national events.

Royal Rangers is a simple, effective, and flexible mentoring ministry for future men. Men with interests in the outdoors, sports, trades, technologies, and arts can use these to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders. With TRaCclub, mentors will be resourced to influence more boys and young men than ever, more effectively than ever.