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Merit Status Definitions

One of the core objectives of the Royal Rangers advancement system is to provide boys with learning opportunities that with both enhance their personal skills in valuable ways, and provide means by which they can develop relationships and interpersonal skills.  Since our skill merits serve as the central component of this system our merit structure is continually in the process of examination and revision to insure all our merits adequately satisfy this core purpose.  Over time, some merits will be revised and continued while others may be replaced or discontinued entirely. The following represents a definition of the status given to merits.

Status Categories

All merits used in Royal Rangers are classifed as belong to one of the folloiwng three categoires:

ACTIVE:  All merits are considered active unless otherwise identified.  Active merits are available for use through TRaCclub and may be used to satisfy advancement requirements.

DISCONTINUED:  Discontinued merits represent merits that are no longer in active use in the program.  They are no longer supported by the national office, are not subject to periodic review or revision, and are not available through TRaCclub or the national web site.  Award patches for discontinued merits will no longer be available once current stock is extinguished.  Discontinued merits MAY be earned and counted for advancement provided the outpost has all necessary materials on hand, although some additional limitations may apply in some instances.  The following merits are currently classified as discontinued:

  • Blueprint Training  (silver)
  • Citizenship  (green)
  • Dad’s Coaching Clinic  (silver)
  • Light For The Lost  (green)
  • Junior Light for the Lost  (blue)
  • Physical Fitness  (green)
  • Preparing to Win  (silver)
  • Soul Winner  (silver)


INVALID:  Invalid merits are those that have been removed from use in the program.  Invalid merits may no longer be earned or counted for advancement in Royal Rangers once they become invalid.  However, boys who earned the merit before it became invalid may continue to wear it and count it for advancements completed prior to the date it became invalid.


The green Citizenship merit (originally gold) was discontinued in 2010.  It is not available through TRaCclub and the gold or green merit patches are no longer available.  However, it MAY still be earned by boys or taught by outposts that still have the older gold/green merit teaching materials on hand.  Furthermore, it may be used to satisfy advancement requirements as a green merit.  In 2010 a new silver Citizenship merit was created which is now available through TRaCclub.  However, this merit is NOT a direct replacement for the green Citizenship merit and does not represent the same award.

In 2010 the gold/green Physical Fitness merit was discontinued.  However, Physical Fitness may still be earned and counted for advancment by boys and outpost that still have the older teaching materials avaible.  However, the gold/green merit patches are no longer availalbe.  A new merit, entitled Healthy Body is now used to represent physical development in Royal Rangers but should not be considered a direct replacement for the Physical Fitness merit.  The two merits have no direct relationship.