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TRaCclub Troubleshooting

Invalid Invitation Code

  1. Your invitation code may have expired. Purchased codes can be activated 60 days after purchase before expiring. Solution: Contact us at or 417-862-1447 ext. 4177 to have your code reissued. A code can be reissued to the person whose name is on the membership.
  2. The code may have already been used. You may need to contact us at or 417-862-1447 ext. 4177 to have your user name and password sent to you.

Purchased Track Doesn’t Appear

  1. You will need to associate your new invitation with your existing account. Click on the “Add Tracks/Manage Tracks” button.
  2. You will need to create an account. Click on the “Purchase or Set Up Account” button.
  3. You may have two accounts. You may have already set up and account using the code from your Leader Manual. You may have set up a separate account with your purchased invitation code. Contact Royal Rangers ( or 417-862-1447 x.4177) to have your accounts combined. One or more of your tracks may need to be reissued. If so, you will need to add the reissued code to the remaining account through the “Add Tracks/Manage Tracks” button.

Can’t View Files

  1. Your PDF viewer may be out of date or is not installed. Download the current version of Adobe Reader at
  2. The cache of cookies stored in your internet browser may be full (according to your browser settings). Cookies are data files that your browser stores on your computer to help your browser function more efficiently. When your cache reaches capacity according to its settings web site such as TRaCclub may have trouble operating. Follow these instructions to clear your cookies and unnecessary browser data:
  • Internet Explorer: refer to for instructions
  • Firefox:
    1. Open Tools - Clear Recent History
    2. Select everything in the time range
    3. Check Cookies and Cache and uncheck everything else
    4. Click clear now


  • Chrome
    1. Open Tools (Wrench at top right) - Options
    2. Click the “Under the Hood” tab
    3. Click “Clear browsing data”
    4. Check “Empty the cache” and “Delete cookies and other site data” and uncheck the rest
    5. Select everything in the time period drop down
    6. Click “Clear browsing data”


Deleted Cookies and Still Can’t View Files

  1. If you are using Internet Explorer 9 or higher, then you will need use the “Compatibility Mode.”
  2. If you have trouble with the Compatability Mode in IE, you should consider using Firefox or Chrome.
  3. If the problem persists, please contact us at or 417-862-1447 ext. 4177. We may have to refer you issue to the programming department.

Pages are not Printing Correctly

  1. The issue could be a printer memory problem.  Try saving the file to your computer and printing fewer pages at one time.
  2. You might not have the necessary fonts installed. TracClub files use the following fonts. In some instances, if some of these fonts are not installed on your system you may expereince printing issues. The font most commonly used is Rockwell, which is normally installed by default on Windows PCs.
  • AGaramond-Regular
  • AmericanTypewriterStd-Bold
  • AmericanTypewriterStd-Medium
  • ArialMT
  • Avenir-Black
  • Avenir-Book
  • Avenir-Heavy
  • AvenirLTStd-Black
  • AvenirLTStd-Book
  • Century-Bold
  • Formata-Condensed
  • Formata-Light
  • Formata-LightItalic
  • Formata-Medium
  • Formata-MediumCondensed
  • FranklinGothic-Book
  • FranklinGothic-Demi
  • Helvetica-Light
  • HelveticaLTStd-Roman
  • Miso.otf
  • PhoenixScriptFLF
  • Rockwell
  • Rockwell-Bold
  • Rockwell-Italic
  • RockwellStd-Bold
  • RockwellStd-Italic
  • Times
  • Times-Roman
  • Wingdings2