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Special Recognition Uniform Items

In years past the use of special recognition or non-standard uniform items have at times been displayed on the Royal Rangers uniform.  Gold braided shoulder cords were at times worn by individuals on Royal Rangers uniforms to identify the wearer as a GMA recipient.  These cords have been worn by both boys and adult leaders and have at times been presented by district GMA Associations to new members.  Additionally, in some instances, engraved gorgets have been worn on the Royal Rangers uniform by FCF members as recognition for earning Scout or other leadership titles.  In order to define the current parameters for the use of these and other non-standard items on the Royal Rangers uniform the following standard has been established:

  • Only those items specifically identified as uniform items in official national Royal Rangers publications or the national Royal Rangers web site are authorized for use on the Royal Rangers uniform.  Shoulder cords, gorgets, or other non-official items are not approved for use.  This standard applies to all uniform formats, in all settings, and for all uses.  Certain exceptions do apply in stances where the Royal Rangers uniform is worn by individuals serving as members of a Color Guard.  For details concerning Color Guard uniforms, please contact the national office.
  • Options for award recognition on non-standard Specialty Uniforms such as polos, T-shirts, or sports jerseys are currently in development and will be available at a later date.
  • Individuals, outposts, and districts are free to provide special, alternative, or additional means for recognition for awards (such as plaques or special gifts) as desired, provided such items are not for use on the Royal Rangers uniform.

Please note that this policy does not apply to items worn with FCF outfits or other non-uniform attire.