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The Royal Rangers Curriculum

Royal Rangers utilizes a combination of print and electronic curriculum components to achieve the optimum balance between flexibility and availability.  Most of our curriculum is made available online through TRaCclub, our online resource delivery system, while some components are available in print or e-book format for ease of use.


TRaCclub includes a variety of materials primarily intended for use by local Royal Rangers leaders.  However, boys or families may purchase memberships to TRaCclub as well if they choose to use the curriculum at home, outside of the regular weekly meeting.  Many families use the Royal Rangers curriculum as part of their home schooling program as a means to further enhance their son’s education through the diversity of fun, hands-on skills.  Others purchase memberships to help their son complete materials he may have missed in class or to complete additional work at home.  In any respect, TRaCclub includes everything you need to teach the Royal Rangers curriculum.

TRaCclub currently includes…

  • Weekly Meeting Guides – an outline for weekly Royal Rangers meetings
  • Skill Merit Activity Guides – material for teaching and learning content on a specific subjects such as archery, backpacking, auto mechanics, model rocketry, or basketball.
  • Bible Lessons – written specifically for today’s boy and young man, these Bible lessons serve as the core of the Royal Rangers discipleship process and serve as the focal point of the weekly Royal Rangers meeting
  • Leadership Merits – provide instruction on leadership and teamwork skills, with application projects to be completed by your group
  • A variety of other resources such as award artwork, record keeping materials, supplies checklists, and additional devotions.

For additional information on TRaCclub, visit our TRaCclub page or see TRaCclub directly at  Sample content from TRaCclub can be found in or resources module.

Print Components

Printed curriculum items include the Royal Rangers Leader Manual and the boy’s handbooks for Ranger Kids, Discovery Rangers, Adventure Rangers, and Expedition Rangers.  These books serve as core reference material for all aspects of the Royal Rangers program and are integral components of the leadership and skills development process.

Additional print components such as the books "A Guys Journey to Manhood" and "A Guys Journey to Servant Leadereship" serve as supplimental resources for use in specific areas of the program.


Most handbooks and leader manuals are available both as print items and as e-books.  For details concerning the books and formats available visit our e-books page.

Recommended Curriculum

In order to operate a Royal Rangers program most effectively the following curriculum items are recommended for each group, leader, or boy in the program.

Ranger Kids

Discovery Rangers

Adventure Rangers

Expedition Rangers

Additional Resources Needed

In addition to curriculum, we recommend that your program utilize some form of uniform to help in promoting your program and to provide your leaders and boys with a group identity and a sense of membership in the program.  These items may also serve as a platform for enabling individuals to display their accomplishments in the program.  Uniforms may be as simple or elaborate as you chose, based on a variety of options available to you.  Please visit our uniforms page for details.

Royal Rangers also provides a great deal of other resources to help make your program as successful as possible.  Visit the Rangers Online Superstore to see all products currently available, or contact us to request a printed product catalog.

Spanish Curriculum

For information related to Royal Rangers curriculum in Spanish, visit our Spanish curriculum page.  We welcome your feedback on your need for Spanish curriculum.