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The TRaCclub system is designed to be as user-friendly as possible.  However, we realize that additional assistance may be needed at times.  If you are experiencing a problem with please take a look at the following resources for assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning TRaCclub.

What is included in TRaCclub?

TRaCclub contains weekly curriculum, including meeting plans and merit teaching materials for Royal Rangers leaders. Material in TRaCclub is organized into "tracks" - Ranger Kids, Discovery Rangers, Adventure Rangers, and Expedition Rangers - each one providing all the materials necessary to conduct meetings for a specific age group for one full year. A resource track for leaders is also available and provides a variety of additional resources to equip and empower local leaders for success.

What is the relationship between TRaCclub and chartering?

The only relationship between TRaCclub and chartering is the 15% discount one receives for being chartered when purchasing a TRaCclub membership. Currently chartered outposts receive a 15% discount off the regular retail price of any Rangers gear ordered online, including TRaCclub! TRaCclub itself is not a chartering benefit.

What does the invitation code in the Leader Manual give me access to?

The invitation code found in the  Leader Manual gives a complimentary two-year membership to the Leader’s resource track of TRaCclub, which includes supplemental resources for leaders. All meeting guides and merit teaching materials are found in the group tracks, NOT the leaders track.

How can I purchase TRaCclub, and what information will I need?

TRaCclub may only be purchased online with the use of a credit card or debit card. You will need the following information before you begin the purchase process:

  • Preferred payment card (debit card or credit card)
  • Name and email addresses for EACH person for which you are purchasing a track
  • District and outpost number OR your church’s GPH account number and zip code

After the purchase is made, both the purchaser and the member/recipient (if purchased by someone other than the member) will receive e-mail messages containing an INVITATION CODE. This code must then be used to activate the membership and setup a TRaCclub account. Once used, the Invitation Code becomes invalid and members will access the system with their account username and password.

Can I charge a GPH account number for the purchase of TRaCclub?

Not at this time. The church’s GPH account number is only used as one of the methods of verifying an outpost's charter status (chartered outposts receive 15% off the regular retail price of TRaCclub). The ability to charge a membership purchase to a GPH account number is a feature we hope to add with future enhancements to the system.

Who should have a membership in TRaCclub?

TRaCclub is intended for use by Royal Rangers leaders in conducting weekly meetings and in teaching merits. It is, therefore, recommended that all leaders who fill a teaching role in the outpost have a membership in TRaCclub. However, outposts may choose to minimize costs by purchasing memberships for a limited number of individuals and assigning them the responsibility of accessing and printing the necessary resources for all groups each week. Regardless of the number of group memberships purchased, it is recommended that every leader purchase the Royal Rangers Leader Manual to access the free, 2-year membership to the Leader track of TRaCclub. The Leader Manual provides valuable information all leaders need and serves as the primary resource for all leadership training programs.

Can parents or families purchase memberships to TRaCclub?

Yes. Many families currently use Royal Rangers as part of their home schooling program. Others use Royal Rangers advancement activities as a basis for family outings or home discipleship. Many boys in Royal Rangers seek ways to advance and achieve in the program at a faster rate than is followed by their outpost, choosing to complete other merits in addition to those earned through participation in regular outpost meetings. In all of these situations, a family membership to TRaCclub could be very beneficial. The ease-of-access and universal availability of an online curriculum format makes TRaCclub a great resource for Royal Ranger families.

Can TRaCclub memberships be transferred or refunded?

No. TRaCclub memberships are purchased for specific individuals. If a member later moves to another church or leaves Royal Rangers leadership, their membership goes with them. Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Do I need an Internet connection in my meeting room?

No. TRaCclub is not an online meeting program. It is generally not necessary to access TRaCclub during regular weekly meetings. Leaders need access to TRaCclub only when planning their meetings.

Can I or someone else purchase memberships for all the leaders in the outpost at one time?

Yes. An individual may purchase one or more memberships at the same time either for himself or for other Royal Rangers leaders. In addition, an individual may purchase multiple memberships for multiple Royal Rangers leaders. Individuals should make sure they have all the required information (see question #5 above) before purchasing memberships in TRaCclub.

Does TRaCclub work on MACs as well as PCs?

Yes. Since TRaCclub is a web-based application, no software is downloaded or installed on your computer. All TRaCclub functions are performed using the web interface. Therefore, TRaCclub may be fully utilized on any computer platform with internet access, regardless of the operating system being used.

Does a membership to TRaCclub give me access to all materials in my membership track?

No. TRaCclub memberships are designed for use on an annual basis. A membership enables users to access a specified amount of content, representing more than enough material to conduct meetings and activities for one full year. Users may select merits, meeting guides, and other materials that best suit the unique needs and interests of their group. However, since TRaCclub includes ample materials for operating a Royal Rangers program for more than three years, all content cannot be accessed with a single annual membership.

Can I preview content within TRaCclub before I activate it?

Documents in TRaCclub cannot be directly previewed but the requirements for all skill merits can be viewed online by clicking the "Merit Requirements" button in the right margin of the TRaCclub which will take you to the Merits Homepage where all skill merit requirements can be found.  Other sample content can be found on the TRaCclub page.


The following provides solutions to some of the more common problems encountered when using TRaCclub.

Invalid Invitation Code
  1. Your invitation code may have expired. Purchased codes must be activated within 60 days after purchase. Solution: Contact us at [email protected] or 417-862-1447 ext. 4181 to have your code reissued. A code can only be reissued to the person whose name is on the membership.
  2. The code may have already been used. You may need to contact us at [email protected] or 417-862-1447 ext. 4181 to have your user name and password sent to you.
Purchased Track Doesn’t Appear
  1. You may not have entered your invitation code and associated it with your existing account. Click on the “Add Tracks/Manage Tracks” button.
  2. You may not have created an account. Click on the “Purchase or Set Up Account” button.
  3. You may have two accounts. You may have already set up an account using the code from your Leader Manual. You may have set up a separate account with your purchased invitation code. Contact us at [email protected] or 417-862-1447 x.4181 to have your accounts combined. One or more of your tracks may need to be reissued. If so, you will need to add the reissued code to the remaining account through the “Add Tracks/Manage Tracks” button.
Can’t View Files
  1. Your PDF document viewer may be out of date or is not installed. Download the current version of Adobe Reader at
  2. The cache of cookies stored in your internet browser may be full (as determined by your browser settings). Cookies are data files that your browser stores on your computer to help your browser function more efficiently. When your cache reaches capacity according to its settings web site such as TRaCclub may have trouble operating. Follow the instructions for your browser to determine how to clear browser cookies. Information on how to clear cookies in your browser may be found online.
Deleted Cookies and Still Can’t View Files

If you are using Internet Explorer 9 or higher, then you will need use the “Compatibility Mode.” If you have trouble with the Compatibility Mode in IE, you should consider using an alternate browser, such as Firefox or Chrome. If the problem persists, please contact us at [email protected] or 417-862-1447 ext. 4181.

Pages are not Printing Correctly
  1. The issue could be a printer memory problem. Try saving the file to your computer and printing fewer pages at one time.
  2. You might not have the necessary fonts installed. The font most commonly used in TRaCclub is Rockwell, which is normally installed by default on Windows PCs.  However, other fonts are used as well.  In some instances, your system may automatically substitute alternate fonts, which may result in printing problems. Refer to your system documentation for information on installing fonts.

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