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OLT Service Requirements

Service requirements as outlined in the Organizational Leadership Training Chart must have been completed within three years (prior) of submitting your application for the Bronze level. Service requirements completed within two years (prior) of submitting your application for the Bronze level may be counted for the Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. It is important to maintain ongoing service in the Royal Rangers ministry. For this reason we must continually ask “How can I serve today?” and look for new opportunities to serve.  Approved service events for each level are defined as follows:

Bronze Level (one required)

Silver, Gold and Platinum levels (two required)

Do one of the following three options:

  • Serve on staff at a Junior Training Camp
  • Attend or serve on staff at a district Action Camp*
  • Complete another level in the Train the Trainer track of the Rangers Ministry Academy

AND one of the following two options:

  • Attend or staff/teach at a continuous learning opportunity
  • Launch and charter a new outpost in a church that does not currently have Royal Rangers

*Attendance at NTT, NCE, WNTC, or ANTC fulfills this requirement if it falls within the time limits outlined above.  See the Organizational Leadership Levels Chart for more information on qualifying service elements.


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