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OLT Organizational Leadership Seminar

Revised 2/12/14

The national Royal Rangers ministry will coordinate and offer the Organizational Leadership Seminar also known as the Johnnie Barnes Excellence in Leadership & Ministry Initiative (usually at LEAD, but occasionally at other locations).


The Johnnie Barnes Excellence in Ministry and Leadership Initiative (JBEI) or (EI for short) will challenge leaders who hold or hope to hold positions of service on the district, regional or national levels to embrace habits and techniques of continual improvement to increase ministry influence and effectiveness.  All organizational leaders should attend the seminar every five years to refresh their knowledge on current Royal Rangers organizational leadership topics.

At EI you will learn:

  • The definition of quality to Royal Rangers.
  • How to build unstoppable ministry momentum.
  • How to influence and shape a wholesome and biblical ministry environment.
  • How to be smart in ministry by syncing local, district and national efforts to maximize strength and focus.
  • How to make strategic plans without losing focus and without getting out of step with other ministries inside and outside of Royal Rangers.
  • The Excellence Initiative leadership model for continual improvement.
  • Job descriptions for organizational leaders.
  • How to on-board churches that want to start Royal Rangers.
  • Spiritual leadership and influence.
  • How to interact with the national director and with key staff.
  • National updates and more.

Required Reading prior to attending the seminar:

  • Good to Great by Jim Collins
  • Relaunch by Mark Rutland (District Director required reading)
  • A Guy's Journey to Manhood (GPH item 020618)
  • A Guy's Journey to Servant Leadership (GPH item 020619)
  • Roya Rangers Leader manual (latest edition) (GPH item 020707)
  • Any one of theboys'handbooks

Go to the National Training Schedule and Registration Link for current schedule and locations


Training Text for JBEI: Organizational Leader's Notebook


NOTE:  The EI does not count as one of the 4 leadership development seminars required for the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum levels.  It only fullfills the Organizational Leadership Seminar requirement.  


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