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Training FAQ: Junior Training Questions

Revised 11/5/13

Where can i find the Junior Leadership Foundations material?

Junior Leadership Foundations is on the leader track of TRaCclub. Remember when you purchase the Leader Manual "Inspire the Journy" in hard copy you get a 2 year free membership to the adult leader track of TRaCclub by using the special code included with the Leader Manual.

What are leadership merits and where do i find them?

Junior Leadership Merits are a key training tool for Discovery, Adventure, and Expedition Rangers.  Leadership merits are intended to be taught every six months by the group leaders in one of two ways: in five weekly meetings, or in a one-day/weekend format. Merit lesson plans will be available thru TRaCclub. All the leadership merits for the Discovery Rangers, Adventure Rangers, and Expedition Rangers are developed and available on TRaCclub

What are Action Camps, and when will the Action Camps be available?

Action Camps are district-sponsored events where adult men and high-school age boys can attend together to learn exciting skills like backpacking, canoeing, survival, winter camping, etc., to take back to the local outpost. As action camps are developed they will be released.

Can I still complete the Expedition Rangers Leadership Medal?

The deadline of December 31, 2014 has passed. All boys should be working on the Trail of the Saber Medal. 

If I completed the Expedition Rangers Leadership Medal and a fifth junior training camp to earn my saber in the past, will it qualify me to wear the new Trail of the Saber Medal? 

Earning a ceremonial saber per the requirements above will not qualify a young man to wear the Trail of the Saber Medal because the requirements for the two awards are quite different. Chapter 20 in the 2012 edition Expedition Ranger Handbook and Chapter 29 of the Leader Manual: Inspire the Journey outlines the requirements to earn the Trail of the Saber Medal. Besides attending or serving as a junior staff member at junior training camps/action camps, you must earn eight leadership merits and read all the Discovery, Adventure, and Expedition distinctives from the leadership merits and the book Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley. Note: All the leadership distinctives are included in the book A Guy's Journey to Servant Leadership available on the Ranger Super Store.

When can I start completing the Trail of the Saber Medal requirements?

Now! If you have just started your junior leadership trail and are a freshman/sophmore in high school or younger, you should begin working on the Trail of the Saber Medal. Requirements can be found in the new Expedition Rangers Handbook, Leader Manual or RR Website.