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Continuous Learning Opportunities (Electives)


Continuous learning opportunities also referred to as continuous learning electives (cle) are training events intended to expand a leader’s skills or competencies.  A training event must meet the following criteria to qualify as a continuous learning elective:

Event Criteria:

  • District and National cle's must be endorsed by the District Director.  They can only be ordered through your district.
  • Must fill a need at the local level and offered by Royal Rangers certified instructors and/or other competent instructors
  • Must be a minimum of two hours in length.  Events 4 hours or longer do not count as multiple continuous learning opportunities.
  • May be offered as indoor, outdoor, online, internet-based, or classroom-based formats.
  • May fill a need that is specific to leadership development skills needed to work with Royal Rangers or provide specialized certification needed to teach skill merits
  • May not have been previously used to satisfy an individual's training requirements.  For example, a requirement for the Leaders Medal of Achievement (LMA), Outpost Leader Advancement Levels (OLAL) or the Organizational Leadership Training (OLT) levels may not also be counted as an additional continuous learning opportunity.

Qualifying District Events:

  • LTA modules not taken for the LMA
  • Continuous learning electives (cle) completed and not counted toward the OLAL training level requirements
  • District Royal Ranger Conference (when qualifying training criteria is met)1
  • District Men’s Ministry Conference1
  • District Children’s Ministry Conference1
  • District Christian Education/All Church Ministries Conference1
  • Other Continuous Learning Opportunities approved by the district director that meets the above definition and criteria

Qualifying National Events:

  • National Children’s Ministry Agency Conference1
  • National Youth Workers Conference1
  • National Men’s Ministry Conference1
  • Catalyst1
  • Pre-conference Leadership Seminar for General Council1
  • Regional Conferences (when qualifying training criteria is met)1
  • National Alliance for the Development of Archery (NADA), National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) instructor certification courses2
  • NRA instructor certification courses in Rifle, Shotgun, or Blackpowder2
  • Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (C.O.P.E.) Instructor certification course
  • First aid/CPR instructor certification courses (Red Cross, American Hear Assoc., etc)2
  • Other Continuous Learning Opportunities may be added by the Royal Rangers national office

1Must attend and participate in a minimum of two hours of training sessions to qualify while at the conference, repeated attendance may count as additional continuous learning opportunities.

2Other nationally recognized providers may also apply.

3Additional attendance can be counted if taken as refresher course so you can attend with your outpost leadership team.

Q & A

What are examples of non-qualifying training?

Any module or national training events required or counted for earning the LMA, Outpost leader Advancement Levels, or Organizational Leadership Training Levels; i.e. Ranger Basics, Ranger Essentials, Safety and the Church, Basic CPR/First Aid course, NTC, NRMC, RKTC, NEEC, **WCO, etc.

How do I order the Continuous Learning Ribbons?

For both district and national ribbons or year pins you will apply to your local district. The district will handle both district and national Continuous Learning applications. This will help keep costs lower and availability and processing closer to the field.      

How far back can you count LTA electives, certification courses, conferences or seminars?

Qualifying LTA electives and certification courses can be counted if taken after January 1, 2003.  Qualifying conferences or seminars may be counted if taken after January 1, 2009.  Subsequent WCO seminars repeated after its initial release may be counted, you may not count your first WCO seminar taken.

Is any verification needed for any qualifying continuous learning opportunity?

Yes, qualifying instructor training courses that offer “certification” must include a copy of a certificate of completion or certification card.