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General & New Training Information

Updated 10/30/13

The following information provides a summary of the most recent changes and updates to Royal Rangers training elements.

Rangers Ministry Academy 2013

More elements of the Rangers Ministry Academy (RMA) are being phased in as part of a nationwide transition in training. The RMA incorporates all aspects of Royal Rangers training, including specific training for church leaders and support staff, junior leaders, adult leaders, and trainers.

For more information view our Rangers Ministry Academy Training Chart.

Online training now available:

  • Ranger Safety
  • Outpost Chaplaincy
  • Preventing Child and Substance Abuse
  • Outpost Coordinator
  • Outpost Committee
  • Working with Boys with Disabilities
  • Frontiersman Camping Fellowship

Go to the this Link to sign up and take these courses. 

New or Updated Training Available

National Elementary Education Conference

National Elementary Education Conference is an interactive event that gives leaders training in various techniques and methods to effectively teach and mentor boys. Leaders will explore the development and needs of early elementary age boys.  Leaders will be challenged spiritually to view boys how God sees them and encourage them to offer themselves in service to God.  Click here to register.


Ranger Safety Course

The new Ranger Safety online course is now available and replaces the Safety and the Church course.
This course will help leaders understand key safety issues that may arise during meetings, activities, and transportation. It will cover topics like proper approach to safety, principles of safety, personal and group responsibilities, assessing risk, and the importance of screening leaders.  It is a required course for the Safety Level of the Outpost Leader Advancement Levels.