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Other Training

Updated 8/19/13

In addition to training programs that equip adult and junior leaders to lead the local group, Royal Rangers also is developing training in an “Overview” format for church leaders and staff who need a general understanding of the methods and objectives of the program without the details related to its actual operation. There are also online courses being developed with a focus on specialized jobs for support staff.

Church Leaders

Ranger Orientation is being developed to introduce and give an “overview” of the Royal Ranger ministry to church leaders, such as senior/lead pastors, children’s pastors, or others in direct oversight of the program. This course will be offered by the local district.

Support Staff

Support staff generally refers to Outpost Committee members or other individuals involved in assisting and supporting the Royal Rangers program at the local level without direct involvement in the program. Such individuals typically assist in areas such as fund-raising, promotions, recruitment, equipment/supplies, and recognition.

Support staff training is offered as an online course through the national Royal Rangers training office.

National Royal Rangers Online Training Portal