Dress Uniform

The dress uniform represents the traditional full-khaki uniform that served as the standard uniform in Royal Rangers for many years and continues in limited use today. This uniform option is available to leaders as well as boys in Adventure or Expedition Rangers. The dress uniform consists of the following components:

  • Long-sleeved khaki shirt with military-style pleats, tucked in
  • Khaki pants
  • Khaki web belt with brass buckle
  • Black dress shoes with black socks
  • Royal Rangers bolo tie (any style)
  • A white Royal Ranger T-shirt should be worn under the khaki shirt.
  • Headgear may include any official Royal Rangers hat.
  • All patches, pins, or other insignia are worn in the same locations as on the Utility Uniform (see Patch & Pin Placement).


Due to its replacement by the Utility Uniform as the official standard uniform for Royal Rangers, the dress uniform is no longer available for purchase from the Royal Rangers supply store but may be found at selected police or military uniform supply stores.  The official color for this uniform is "silver tan" and should only be worn in pin format.