Special Uniforms

The special uniform is a classification of uniforms that may be customized to meet the unique needs and preferences of the local outpost.  Special uniforms may take a variety of forms and may include customized clothing items displaying the official Royal Rangers logo, your outpost number, and district. Examples of special uniforms may include:

  • Business Casual:  Polo shirt or long sleeve shirt with embroidered RR emblem, business slacks, shoes, and belt of choice.
  • Semi-casual:  Polo or long sleeve shirt, casual pants (such as blue jeans), and shoes of choice.
  • Sports Style:  T-shirts, sports jerseys, or hoodies with pants and shoes of choice.

Headgear for special uniforms may include any as prescribed by the outpost.

Important Points to Remember

Although special uniforms allow for a great deal of customization, some limitations do apply.

  • No awards or insignia are worn on special uniforms.  Awards and insignia are ONLY worn on the Utility and Dress uniforms, or on the awards vest.
  • Any representation of the Royal Rangers name or logo, or any associated group or program names or logos, must be represented in their official forms. They may not be altered, distorted, or customize in any way. For details on acceptable uses of the Royal Rangers name and logos please refer to our policies page.

Special Uniform