National Shooting Sports Program

The National Shooting Sports Program (NSSP) is a special program of Royal Rangers that promotes the safe and responsible participation in shooting sports by Royal Rangers members. Launched in May of 2001, the NSSP exists to support the mission and purpose of Royal Rangers, while promoting a safe and rewarding shooting sports experience for all.

Designed to capture the interests of a wide range of young men and boys, the NSSP is a creative and exciting program where discipline and self-control is celebrated, and where the mentoring mission of Royal Rangers can be fully incorporated. Interactive and lasting friendships, fun activities, and fulfilling advancement plans based on Royal Rangers merit guidelines provide boys with the opportunity to develop their shooting skills by participating in a variety of shooting sports disciplines. The challenge of individual and team competition extends from the Outpost to National Championships.

The National Shooting Sports Program disciplines currently include:

  • BB Gun
  • Air Rifle
  • Archery
  • Small Bore / .22 Caliber Rifle
  • Shotgun / Trap Shooting
  • Black Powder Rifle

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