BGMC Master's Toolbox

Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC) is a missions support program of the Assemblies of God Division of World Missions. BGMC seeks to develop within children a passion to reach the lost peoples of the world through giving and missions education. The Royal Rangers program has adopted BGMC as our official missions program and utilizes the "Master's Toolbox" program as the Royal Rangers giving aspect of BGMC.

Through Master's Toolbox, Royal Rangers has provided support to drill water wells in Africa, to install electric generators in remote church locations, to launch Royal Rangers outposts around the world, and much more. Every two years we select a project to emphasize for our Master's Toolbox giving.  Details can be found below.

Master's Toolbox Project 2023-2024 - Propel Peru

Help us provide a camp for the kids of Peru. When completed Camp Yuri will be able to host up to 400 kids at each camp with a week of activities, three meals a day, and dorm lodging while hearing about the incredible love of God. Your gift of $750 will provide space for one child to hear about and experience the love of Christ year after year. Your gift will provide electricity, water wells, and building materials to complete the project. Additionally, it will purchase a much-needed new boat and motors for the missionaries to travel to the villages along the Amazon River.

Master's Toolbox Project 2021-2022 - Convoy of Hope

In these challenging times, people are facing needs like never before. Join us as we partner with Convoy of Hope to provide assistance to people in need across the nation and around the world. Through Convoy of Hope, you can play an important role in bringing relief to families, churches, and communities. This partnership provides outposts with multiple ways to get involved.

  • Donate to Feed the Hungry – A gift of just $10 enables Convoy of Hope to feed a child somewhere in the world for an entire month. With a gift of $120 you can feed a child for a year. How many children could you feed this year?
  • Volunteer at a Community Event – Convoy conducts community events all across the nation to provide groceries, medical checkups, counseling, financial services, and more to families in need. Both leaders and boys may volunteer to serve at these events (age restrictions apply).
  • Assemble Flood Buckets for Disaster Relief – Flood buckets (also known as "hygiene kits" or "baby care kits") are kits of cleanup and hygiene supplies provided to people in disaster areas to help with cleanup and recovery efforts. Work with businesses or organizations in your area to gather the components needed. Then, assemble them at your church and transfer them to Convoy.
  • Have a Road Trip Packing Party – Take your group on a road trip to the national Convoy of Hope warehouse in Springfield, MO to help with assembling packages of groceries or other supplies for distribution at community events and elsewhere. While you’re in the area visit Camp Eagle Rock, Bass Pro Shops, or Silver Dollar City and create your own outpost adventure!
  • Join a Field Team – Adults can participate as a member of a Field Team serving as “boots on the ground” in disaster areas or similar situations all around the world, distributing resources to those in need when they need it the most.

Additional details on these and other participation opportunities can be found online at

Convoy of Hope

Master's Toolbox Project 2019-2020 - Pathfinder Missions

Join with us as we partner together with Pathfinder Missions to build places of worship all around the world through the 2019-2020 Master’s Toolbox Tabernacle Project. Our goal is to build several tabernacles in various places by providing funding for construction as well as Pathfinder teams to do the work.  Our plan is to raise $15,000 for each tabernacle, with $7,500 being used to provide the building materials and $7,500 being used to help cover the cost of sending a Pathfinder team to build it.  Every Royal Rangers outpost and district is encouraged to join with us as we partner with believers around the world to build God’s kingdom while we create a heart of compassion in our boys.

The following resources are provided to assist you in promoting and participating in this project in your church and outpost:

Raise the Roof - Summer 2020 Challenge

Join with the national Royal Rangers department and BGMC as we challenge every Royal Ranger boy and leader across the nation to earn $100, $300, or $500 for Master's Toolbox this summer to help "raise the roof" for churches being built all over Africa. Check out these resources for details:

Master's Toolbox Project 2017-2018 - RRI Catapult 700

The BGMC Master's Toolbox project for 2017-2018 was the "Catapult 700" project for Royal Rangers International (RRI). Work related to the stated goals of this project is still in progress.  Updates will be provided here as they become available.  We say a heartfelt thank you to all outposts and individuals who participated in this project.