Staff Service Awards

Service awards are available to all Royal Rangers organizational leaders on an annual basis. Service awards serve three important purposes in Royal Rangers:

  • Provide ongoing recognition to organizational leaders for their efforts in fulfilling their duties in the program.
  • Serve as a leader's performance benchmark by providing the leader with valuable feedback that highlights his areas of success as well as areas in need of improvement.
  • Provide statistical data to program leadership at outpost, district, and national levels to enable them to monitor the health of the program within their areas of responsibility.

According to the JBEI model implemented in 2010 as part of the "Johnnie Barnes Excellence Initiative" training seminar, the service awards for organizational leaders must align with the job description of that leader, which in turn aligns with specific objectives and outcomes that relate to the responsibilities of that leader. These three pieces together form an inter-related system of responsibilities, objectives, and recognition that enable program leadership to continually monitor the health and success of the program while providing recognition to staff for their efforts in making that success possible.

Award Process Overview

The following provides an overview of the annual service awards process:

  1. Districts must submit an Annual District Report to their Regional Coordinator by September 30th of each year. Regions collect reports from all districts and enter that data into the Regional Dashboard.
  2. Regions also collect additional data on district activities from national data sources and enter that data into the Regional Dashboard as well.
  3. Once all data has been collected and entered into the Regional Dashboard, the region calculates scores for the "World Class District" status for each district and forwards that information back to the District Directors by November 30th.
  4. District Directors distribute those scores to their staff, who complete their annual service award applications - District Executive Leadership Award (DELA) or District Leadership Award (DLA) - by December 31st.
  5. Applications for the District Director's DELA award must be sent to the national office by January 15th.
  6. The national office will recognize District Directors who have earned the DELA for the year, as well as districts who have qualified for World Class District status, at the National LEAD Conference each year.

World Class District

Districts that meet specified criteria will qualify for "World Class District" (WCD) status for the year. The WCD designation is awarded by the region based on the score each district earns for the various statistical data items tracked by the region. Details concerning scoring criteria can be found in the Regional Dashboard.

Report Forms & Applications

The Regional Dashboard and Annual District Report can be found in the District Director's Resources section of AG Passport. Award applications for the DELA and DLA can be found on the Awards & Insignia page.