Gold Medal of Achievement

The Gold Medal of Achievement (GMA) is the highest award available to boys in the Royal Rangers program. This prestigious award can only be achieved after many years of continuous effort in Royal Rangers.

GMA Requirements:

The following requirements must be met in order to qualify for the Gold Medal of Achievement. All requirements must be met before reaching 18 years of age:

  1. Earn the highest award in any TWO of the following age groups:
  2. Read the entire Bible, or listen to it as an audio book.
  3. Be at least 12 years old, and not yet reached 18 years of age.
  4. Be an active member of a Royal Rangers outpost for at least (3) years.
  5. Complete the GMA Capstone Project.

Once all requirements have been met, a GMA Application must be submitted to the national Royal Rangers office. Note that this award, as with all other boys advancement awards, must be completed before your 18th birthday.  See "Advancement Restrictions" for details.

Special Honors with the GMA

Individuals who have met the requirements for the GMA and continue their advancement progress in the program may qualify for additional recognition in the form of the GMA with Merit and the GMA with Honors.

Requirements for the GMA with MERIT:

  1. Meet all requirements for the GMA as stated above.
  2. Earn the highest award in any THREE age groups:

Requirements for the GMA with HONORS:

  1. Meet all requirements for the GMA as stated above.
  2. Earn the highest award in ALL FOUR age groups:

To apply for the GMA with Merit or Honors distinctions please complete the GMA Distinctions Application.


The GMA may be represented on the uniform by a medal, ribbon, or patch. A neck medallion is also available for use when Utility or Dress uniforms are not being worn. A GMA coin is available as a display item but is not worn on the uniform.

The GMA with Merit distinction is represented by a gold star worn on the cloth portion of the GMA medal or on the GMA ribbon. The GMA with Honors distinction is represented by wearing TWO stars on the GMA medal or ribbon.


Medals insignia for GMA, GMA with Merit, & GMA with Honors

Award insignia may be purchased at the time the GMA Application is submitted.