Award Replacements

Service awards have long been an integral part of the Royal Rangers program, for both adult leaders and boys. But over time, the format of these awards has been subject to change. Many awards used in the past are no longer in use today and have been replaced by new awards representing similar accomplishments. The table below identifies the awards that are no longer in use and the new award that replaced them.

The following guidelines should be followed in relation to these awards:

  • If an older award (left column) has been earned, but the associated new award (right column) has not yet been earned, the original award should be worn.
  • If both the older award (left column) and the new award (right column) have been earned, only the new award should be worn, with a numeral indicating the total number of times the two awards have been earned.  Note that the two awards should never be worn at the same time.  Leaders must wear one or the other, but not both.
  • Numeral designations worn on the award are cumulative and represent the total number of times the new and old awards have been earned. For example, a leader who earned the Gold Cluster Award five times, and then earns the District Leadership Award, may wear a number 6 on the award ribbon of the District Leadership Award to designate the cumulative number of times he has earned the two awards.

It should be noted that the new, replacement awards may be worn only after an individual qualifies for the new award. They are not automatically received by virtue of having earned the old award.

It should also be noted that insignia for older awards is no longer available from the Royal Rangers online store or the national office. Leaders may wear older awards if they have earned them (and have not earned the newer awards) but replacement insignia is not available for older awards.

Old Award  New Award 
 Senior Commanders Award  Outpost Coordinators Award
 Outpost Commanders Award  Outpost Leadership Award
 Leaders Service Award  Outpost Service Award
 Blue Cluster Award  District Leadership Award
 Gold Cluster Award  District Leadership Award
 Silver Cluster Award  District Executive Leadership Award
 Silver Eagle Award  District Executive Leadership Award
 Gold Eagle Award  National Leadership Award
 Gold Star Award  National Executive Leadership Award


A listing of current awards in use in Royal Rangers can be found on the Awards page.