Training Updates & 2021 Training Schedule

January 27, 2021



Organizational Leader Training track, Approved Reading Titles:

  • Under the Leadership Category, the following book has been added: Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley

The Organizational Leader Training (OLT) process has undergone some changes due to shifting of educational courses and the addition of a course in the Silver level. See the separate article in this issue of Rangers NOW for further information. If you want to look at all the requirements for all the levels of the OLT, go to the staff training page.


2021 Training Schedule:

Training is underway for the new year, and we’ve already had one successful NRMC in Fort Meade, FL. Thanks to the hard work of our district and region training coordinators, this new year has shaped up nicely, considering the effects of the pandemic we all experienced in 2020 and into 2021. The following is a list of all scheduled national training events for 2021.


  • NRMC 08-10 @ Camp Wilderness in Fort Meade, FL- done

February (NO training events)

March (NO training events)
  • LEAD21 11-13 @ Hyatt Regency Hotel in Tulsa, OK


  • WCO 16-17 @ City Church in Binghamton, NY
  • WCO 16-17 @ River of Life AG in Belleville, MI
  • WCO 16-17 @ Living Hope Assembly in Vineland, NJ
  • JBEI 23-24 @ Glad Tidings Church in Dunn, NC
  • AA 26 - May 01 @ Eagle Rock Retreat Center in Eagle Rock, MO
  • NA 28 - May 01 @ Eagle Rock Retreat Center in Eagle Rock, MO
  • WCO 30 - May 01 @ Inner City Church in Oklahoma City, OK


  • NEEC 07-08 @ Roxbury Holiness Camp in Orrstown, PA
  • NRMC 14-16 @ Agape Wilderness Retreat in Bedford, KY
  • WCO 21-22 @ Finca Campamento in Arecibo, PR

June (NO training events)

August (NO training events)


  • WCO 10-11 @ Camp Wilderness in Fort Meade, FL
  • NRMC 10-12 @ Eagle Rock Retreat Center in Eagle Rock, MO
  • WCO 24-25 @ SoCal Network Office in Irvine, CA
  • NRMC 24-26 @ WAH-TUT-CA Scout Reservation in Northwood, NH


  • WCO 15-16 @ Montgomery AG in Montgomery, OH
  • JBEI 15-16 @ Lighthouse AG in Tomah, WI
  • WCO 22-23 @ Albuquerque Revival Church in Albuquerque, NM
  • NRMC 22-24 @ Lakeview Camp in Waxahachie, TX
  • NRMC 29-31 @ Finca Campamento in Arecibo, PR


  • JBEI 12-13 @ Red Lion Hotel in Harrisburg, PA

December (NO training events)

Register early. Our “Go/No Go” decision for an event is typically made shortly after the published discount deadline, which is due to cancellation stipulations from and in fairness to the hosting facilities. Don’t wait to register after a camp is a GO; your registration could make the difference.

For more information on these training events, refer to our national training page. To register for an event, visit our schedule page.