District and Online Adult Leader Training

Royal Rangers districts play a central role in training outpost leaders by providing district training events on a regular basis. For information on the availability of these events in your area, please contact your district leadership.  Royal Rangers training can also be completed online in the comfort and convenience of a leader's own home according to their own schedule of availability, at a minimal cost.



Ranger Foundations

The Ranger Foundations training course provides leaders with foundational principles for conducting a successful Royal Rangers outpost meeting.  Topics include the safety & supervision of boys, our mission & methods, outpost structure & leadership, the leader training process, conducting outpost meetings, curriculum and resources, uniforms & insignia, advancement system, patrol system, and annual program planning.  This course may be completed in either of two formats:

  • ONLINE:  This course may be completed entirely online via the Royal Rangers online training portal.  This format involves watching a series of videos and taking a brief quiz at the end of each session.  A minimum score on each quiz is required to successfully complete the course.  
  • DISTRICT CLASS:  This class may be completed entirely in a classroom setting conducted by your district.  The class makes use of the same videos as used in the online format with a class facilitator leading a short group discussion of the content after each session.  No quizzes or minimum scores are used in the classroom format.  This course typically requires about 7 hours to complete in this format.  If you are interested in completing this course through a district class, contact your district leadership.  If you are interested in facilitating a course for the leaders in your church, contact your District Training Coordinator. Instructor certification is not required to facilitate a class.

NOTE:  If you previously completed part of this course in an online or classroom setting according to one of the previously available learning paths, it is recommended that you complete the remainder of the course in the same setting to ensure your completion of the course is properly recorded.


Ranger Essentials

Ranger Essentials is a one-day fun, interactive-style training event. You will learn how to connect with today’s boys, along with recognizing ministry needs and outreach opportunities. You will discover how to give life-changing devotions and how to mentor boys and young men into spiritual leaders.


Ranger Safety

It is the responsibility of all Royal Rangers leaders to take every action needed to ensure the safety of the boys within their care. Ranger Safety is an online course that provides every leader with vital information on child safety practices and proper supervision. This course is required to be taken every three years to provide leaders with up to date changes and to refresh their memory on this vitally important topic.

To download the latest Ranger Safety Online Start Guide (revised as of January 3, 2022), click here.

To get started with Ranger Safety, click here.

First Aid/CPR

A First Aid/CPR course may be completed through any nationally recognized qualified organization such as the American Red Cross, the Green Cross, or the American Heart Association. The course must include demonstration and evaluation of the skills learned in a practical exercise in front of a live instructor. The American Red Cross online First Aid/CPR course at redcross.org has been approved for this requirement if a live course is not available or cannot be conveniently scheduled.


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